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Abstract submission

Abstract submission for oral presentation ended 14 July and for poster presentation on 17 August.

How to follow the conference

There are two ways to follow the conference program: via Zoom or via the ProspectumLIVE conference platform.

As a participant you can

  1. follow the sessions and ask live questions on Zoom
  2. follow the session on your browser via the ProspectumLIVE platform and ask questions using the chat window in the “Conference Room”. The host of the session will ask your question from the speaker.

About the ProspectumLIVE conference platform
(link and password has been sent to all participants in the beginning of the conference week)

The conference platform consists of a front page from which you can enter the Conference Room and the ePoster Room. The conference program will be streamed in the Conference Room. Next to the video stream there’s a chat window where you can comment the sessions and participate in some of our less scientific polls. In the ePoster Room you’ll find instructions on how the virtual poster session works and can browse the posters.

Below the stream window you can find tabs for conference program (where you will find also the Zoom links) and ePosters. In the Chat forum you can introduce yourself and discuss the sessions and posters together with the other conference participants.

During the conference you also have the possibility to network and chat with other attendees using the Messaging-tool. The Messaging-tool will also be used during the ePoster session.

  • Browse other attendees by opening ”Messages” -tab from right lower corner
  • Open a chat by clicking a single attendee profile
  • Chat opens. On the lower corner you can send comments and chat with the other attendee
  • From the upper corner of the Chat window you will find a camera -icon. By clicking the icon, you can request a videocall. If the other party accepts your request for a video meeting, a new window will pop up.

ePoster session

  • ePoster PDF files (and the video if present) will be available on the ProspectumLIVE conference platform one week before and two weeks after the conference (until 20th Sep 2020).
  • You can find the posters under the ePoster tab.  By clicking on individual posters you will find an optional poster video and a link to the PDF-poster.
  • The poster session (Thursday 3rd September at 15.45) will start with a short introduction round on Zoom and continue on the conference platform.
  • Everyone having a poster is invited to join via Zoom on Thursday 3rd September at 15.45 to say a couple of words about yourself and your poster (If you have a poster but cannot join the zoom session, please inform us at before the beginning of the conference). Immediately after the introduction round in Zoom, there will be time to interact with other participants and discuss about the poster via the ProspectumLIVE platform. We hope that everyone is available to (video) chat about their posters at this point. However, the chat functions are available throughout the conference and two weeks after.
  • If you want to discuss the poster with its author, you can use the Messaging-tool on the lower right hand side of the page. You can also request a video call and ask for the poster to be presented to you live (and present your poster)!
  • You can also leave a comment to the Chat forum channel of the session to which the poster belongs to discuss it together with the other conference participants.

How to use ZOOM

The Zoom Help Center contains loads of useful tips and video tutorials, please visit their page if you’re new to Zoom or need to refresh your memory. We are also happy to help, so don’t hesitate to contact us at

How to install Zoom

  • For easy to follow instructions, please visit the Zoom support pages or practice by joining Zoom’s test meeting here:
    and use the same setup at the actual live event too.

How to join a Zoom meeting?

  • You will receive a link to the Prospectum Live Conference Platform and you can find Zoom links in the daily conference programs. There is also a separate sub-page ”zoom links” on the platform, under the ”conference room”. To join a meeting, click on the link and open it with the Zoom application. There are different Zoom links to different sessions, so make sure you’re using the right one.
  • Sign in to your personal Zoom account. We recommend using the Zoom app that you can download to your computer rather than using the browser version of Zoom.
  • When prompted, join with computer audio.
  • Keep yourself muted and the video turned off, unless you’re giving a talk or asking a question. The host of the session has the right to mute your microphone and stop your video if needed.

During the meeting

How to adjust your view?

  • On the right upper corner of the meeting window you can select the Speaker view or the Gallery view. We recommend using Speaker view to follow the presentations and Gallery view for the Panel discussion.
  • We highly recommend adjusting your Zoom settings:
    • Meeting à Video à select “hide non-video participants”. This way you will not fill your screen with blank squares and will be able to follow the speakers better.

 How to ask a question?

  • To ask a question you can use the “Raise hand” function of Zoom. You can find the “Raise hand” button by clicking on the “Participants” icon at the bottom of the meeting window. This will open a sidebar with the list of participants and at the bottom of the sidebar there’s a small hand icon. By clicking on the hand icon once you raise your hand and can lower it by clicking a second time. The host of the session will give you the permission to unmute yourself when it’s your turn to ask your question.

The best talk will be awarded a travel grant to attend the SPPS Congress in 2021!

We’re happy to announce that Agrisera will provide a freely chosen product from their catalogue to the winner of the best poster prize!

Presentation guidelines

Guidelines for oral presenters:

(updated 23 Aug)
Presentation time: 12 or 15 minutes + 3 or 5 minutes for questions (posted through conference live chat). Please check your email for the duration of your talk.

The presenters will give their talks using Zoom. Please make sure that you have installed the Zoom app and are able to use it before the conference.

  • Please test your computer audio, video and network before the conference. If you would like to test Zoom with us, feel free to contact us at during the week preceding the conference. You can also test Zoom here:
  • Make sure to check-in with the host of your session (on Zoom) 15 min before the session starts
  • The sessions will be recorded and made available to the conference participants only for two weeks after the conference. We hope that you agree to share the recording of your presentation during this time. However, if you do not wish to have your presentation made available, please contact us at as soon as possible
  • You will be giving your presentation by sharing your screen. The share screen option can be found at the bottom of the meeting page. Once you click “Share screen”, you’ll be given the option to choose which screen you’d like to share. We recommend sharing only the specific application (eg. PowerPoint) rather than sharing your whole desktop.

Instructions regarding your materials:
-Send your file in PPT, PPTX, or PDF format (max. 10 MB)
-Recommended aspect ratio is 16×9 (equivalent to a widescreen format).
-Fonts: Use only standard Microsoft Office fonts
-Please name your presentation using your last name.

Guidelines for poster presenters:

Posters will be presented as e-posters, in a form of PowerPoint presentations. Each poster may include a maximum of 6 slides. In addition, if you like, you may send a short video presentation of your poster, max. 3 minutes long.

Please send your poster file and your video in advance by 21 August to

Instructions regarding your poster file and video:
-Save your poster file in PDF format, video presentation preferably in MP4 format (other YouTube compatible video formats also possible. Videos will be linked to a non-public YouTube channel).
-PDF file size must not exceed 10 MB.
-Recommended aspect ratio (equivalent to a widescreen format) is 16×9.
-Fonts: Use only standard Microsoft Office fonts
-Please name your poster and video file using your last name.

Poster presenters will be able to interact with the conference participants during the poster session on Thursday afternoon, 3 September and throughout the conference via the networking tool on the conference platform. More information will be provided closer to the conference.

Tips for preparing your e-poster:
-Pay attention to clear message and logical layout
-A poster should be easy to comprehend in a couple of minutes
-Make sure that the specific sections (such as the background, methods, results and conclusions) are clearly presented
-Avoid large blocks of text and long sentences
-Supporting images (such as graphs, tables, illustrations, photographs) can be very helpful and are often necessary to display results. Make sure that the images are easy to understand and are not overloaded with information.

All presentations will be accessible through the conference platform, protected by a password which will be provided to all conference participants before the conference. All materials will be available to conference participants on the platform for 2 weeks after the conference.

Please note: be aware of copyright when using media. Do not use any material, which is owned by someone else (audio/video).

Technical assistance: please contact  you have any technical questions or concerns. During the conference you can also ask questions in the live chat.