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SPPSPHD 2020 Program

The sessions of the 11th SPPS PhD Student Conference will include photosynthesis, plant development, plants and their environment, agriculture and food, forestry and blue bioeconomy.

Please note that the program is subject to changes.

2 September
10.45 Registration starts
12.15 Lunch
13.15 Networking: meet and greet (60 min)
14.15 Break & poster hanging (30 min)
14.45 – 16.15 Session 1 (90 min)
16.15  Poster session with refreshments
Welcome Dinner
3 September
09.00  Session 2 (75 min)
10.15 Coffee break
10.45 Session 3 (90 min)
12.15 Lunch
13.15  Session 4
14.45 Poster session
16.30 A kayaking excursion/SPA time
Conference dinner (Ruissalo SPA)
4 September
09.00 Session 5
10.15 Coffee break
10.45 Session 6 (90 min)
12.15 Lunch

Congress theme

With our theme, “From Basics to Bioeconomy”, we aim to cover a broad range of topics from basic plant science to their applications in a more sustainable economy and bring together young scientists from the Nordic countries with the upcoming top names in the field. We are looking forward to seeing you in Turku!

Invited speakers

  • Assistant Professor Alizée Malnoë, Umeå University
    “Molecular Players of Photoprotection”
  • Dr. Daniel Gibbs, University of Birmingham
    “Build and destroy: Roles for targeted protein degradation in plant development and stress response”
  • Professor Jaana Bäck, University of Helsinki
    “Multidisciplinary approach to address forestry in changing climate”
  • Associate Professor Francesco Orsini, University of Bologna
    “Research and innovation in urban agriculture”
  • Professor Christian Fankhauser, University of Lausanne
    ”Reaching out for the sun: dealing with the threat of carbon deprivation”
  • Professor Maria Barbosa, Wageningen University and Research
    ”Title to be confirmed later”