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SPPSPHD 2020 Conference theme

With our theme, “From Basics to Bioeconomy”, we aim to cover a broad range of topics from basic plant science to their applications in a more sustainable economy and bring together young scientists from the Nordic countries with the upcoming top names in the field.


The sessions of the 11th SPPS PhD Student Conference will include photosynthesis, plant development, plants and their environment, agriculture and food, forestry and blue bioeconomy.

Please see the detailed program here.

Please note that the program is subject to changes.

2 September
10.40  Welcome to the conference
11.00 Session 1: Plants and their environment
12.40 Break
13.30 Session 2: Agriculture and food
15.10 Break
15.30-17.00 Workshop: City/Region Food Systems Sustainability
An interactive workshop organized in collaboration with the H2020 FoodE (  project

See the subpage ”Workshop” for more information

17.15- Social activity
Virtual escape room
More info coming soon
3 September
10.40  Morning activity
11.00 Session 3: Photosynthesis
12.40 Break
13.30 Session 4: Plant development
15.30 Break
15.45-16.45 ePoster session
4 September
10.40  Morning activity
11.00 Session 5: Blue bioeconomy
12.40 Break
13.30 Session 6: Forestry
15.10 Break
15.30-16.30 Panel discussion
What needs to be fixed in the publishing system? A plant science perspective – From Prof to Post-Doc to students
16.30-16.45 Closing words and awards

Program takes place in Finnish time (EEST), check what the time is where you are located:

Our virtual SPPS PhD Student Conference will take place on two platforms:
Zoom and the online ProspectumLIVE platform

How to follow the conference?
There are two ways to follow the conference program: via Zoom or via the ProspectumLIVE conference platform.

As a participant you can

  1. follow the sessions and ask live questions on Zoom (Zoom links can be found on the Live Platform)
  2.  follow the session on your browser via the ProspectumLIVE platform and ask questions using the chat window in the “Conference Room”. The host of the session will ask your question from the speaker.

Workshop: City/Region Food Systems Sustainability
Will take place in Zoom and streamed to the ProspectumLIVE platform.

ePoster session
(Thursday 3rd September at 15.45) will start with a short introduction round on Zoom and continue on the conference platform.

See instruction on how to use Zoom and the conference platform on the page ”Abstracts and presentation guidelines”.

Panel discussion

What needs to be fixed in the publishing system? A plant science perspective – From Prof to Post-Doc to students

Interactive discussion about the closed-access model and the flaws of the current peer-reviewing system.

The panelists:

Vaughan Hurry – Editor-in-chief at Physiologia Plantarum
Jonathan Ingram – Senior Journals Publishing Manager at Wiley
Alizée Malnoë – Assistant professor at Umeå University
Jaana Bäck – Professor at University of Helsinki

Time: 4 September, 15.30-16.30 (EEST, Helsinki)

See the panel discussion flyer here!

Invited speakers

  • Assistant Professor Alizée Malnoë, Umeå University
    “Molecular Players of Photoprotection”
  • Dr. Daniel Gibbs, University of Birmingham
    “Build and destroy: Roles for targeted protein degradation in plant development and stress response”
  • Professor Jaana Bäck, University of Helsinki
    “Multidisciplinary approach to address forestry in changing climate”
  • Associate Professor Francesco Orsini, University of Bologna
    “Research and innovation in urban agriculture”
  • Professor Christian Fankhauser, University of Lausanne
    ”Reaching out for the sun: dealing with the threat of carbon deprivation”
  • Professor Maria Barbosa, Wageningen University and Research
    ”The role of microalgae in the blue bioeconomy”
  • Dr. Bernd Pölling, South-Westphalia University of Applied Sciences (SWUAS)
    “How to make smart and sustainable CRFS economically viable?”
  • Dr. Esther Sanyè-Mengual, Joint Research Centre (JRC)
    “The environmental impacts of EU food consumption and innovative urban agriculture experiences”

Social program

Participate in the Virtual Escape Room on Wednesday 2 September at 15.30-16.30 (GMT+3).

Participants of the Virtual Escape Room will be divided into smaller groups in which they will have to solve the tasks and escape “the room” as soon as they can! There’s space for 40 participants, so make sure to secure your spot and register now through the registration form!  More information coming soon.